A Note on Shipping

Shipping is one of the most challenging parts of a business like Under Grandma’s Stairs.  We have items that are small and large (some even tiny) and our website currently offers a flat rate shipping for your order.  Sometimes this might seem a little bit much for the something small you have in your cart.  Please, send us a note to Help@UnderGrandmasStairs if you’re interested in one or more of our treasures, and we’ll work with you to determine the most economic, yet safe ways to get your treasure to you.  We certainly can combine items, or look at alternatives if your order is a small toy tractor or one of a kind small item.

For those of you browsing from outside the USA, we unfortunately don’t currently offer shipping options, but we’re working on it.  As a small, family business, we continue to explore our options for providing you with an excellent shopping experience.

Thank You and Welcome Back!

Hello and thanks for stopping by for a look around at Under Grandma’s Stairs.  We wanted to take a moment and thank our customers who placed orders and gained new treasures in 2018.  We hope you and yours had a healthy and prosperous year.

For those of you dropping by to do a little window shopping, enjoy your visit and if you have questions, drop us a line: Help@UnderGrandmasStairs.com

Dog Days of Summer

It's hard to believe that another summer is coming to an end.  In the Midwest, that means cooler weather, football, and the end of a fun season of outdoor flea markets, antique shows and the never ending yard sale.  

At Under Grandma's Stairs, we've been busy, collecting treasures and trying our hand at a little retail space.  It's been a lot of fun and has kept us burning the candle at both ends (and the middle), but now with the changing of the seasons and the start of fall, watch for fresh new vintage treasures to start popping up on the site.

If you have questions or are looking for a special treasure, be sure and drop us a line at Help@UnderGrandmasStairs.com.

Here's hoping your summer has been full of fun!


Why Shop Under Grandma's Stairs?

At Under Grandma's Stairs, we're a family team and we've taken our time to collect things that we hope you'll treasure.  We only offer items that we are proud to display on our site.  We've invited our friends, associates and loved ones to shop our site, and we'll treat you just like family.

We still continue to add inventory to Under Grandma's Stairs, and we continue to search for treasures for ourselves, and others, so check back often and see what's new.

We search and research, high and low, and try to offer pricing that is equal or better than similar treasures, and we offer a selection that we believe will provide a little something for everyone.  If you find a better-priced item or a higher quality item that better suits your needs, we encourage you to shop competitively, so you're completely satisfied with your purchase.  We've worked hard in life and certainly understand the value of a dollar, yours and ours.

Our website is professionally hosted and secured, but personally designed and managed.  

We're glad you've found us along the way, and hope you find something you love.  Shop with confidence Under Grandma's Stairs.

Up & Running

At Under Grandma's Stairs, we're officially up and running.

It started out as an idea last winter, as the love of collecting and finding items began to outgrow our space to contain them.  We decided we had found some truly wonderful things, and we were getting good at finding the little treasures that are out there every weekend; at flea markets, yard sales, estate sales and little spots along the side of the road.

And now here we are, a winter later, Under Grandma's Stairs has become a fun part of our life that keeps everyone around here from watching too much television or getting into any trouble.

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to our families, who are at the heart of any small business, and welcome in our first customers from Ohio and Minnesota. 

Thanks for visiting Under Grandma's Stairs.


Watch for our collection of metal horses from the 1930's in our vintage toy collection.

Watch for our collection of metal horses from the 1930's in our vintage toy collection.

Website Launch Preparations

It's taken a little longer than we'd hoped, but Under Grandma's Stairs is finally preparing to launch our consumer website.  If you've been checking in on our site, or are just finding us now, we're about to be open for business.  We hope you find a treasure from your childhood or a memory from your past that puts a smile on your face.  Welcome soon - to Under Grandma's Stairs.